In Arina Software we leverage solid knowledge of business analysis and software development. Our experience is based on digital transformation of numerous business from different industries, developing and implementation of tailor-made software based on the recent technologies. In each business case we were focused on providing up-to-date components with modern architecture for the business, that will be easy to use, change and maintain.

The core of our technology is Arina – an artificial intelligence that translates natural language to source code, builds applications and deploys them to servers, smart sensors and user devices. It is a new way to manage information that your business needs – just describe in a structured way what you want and Arina creates and delivers applications wherever they would be used:

Arina is a result of comprehensive study of different spheres – economy, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and linguistics. Together with a group of university professors we are conducting constant research in artificial intelligence and natural languages to make our system better, tune it to the highest requirements of our customers and make it fully personalized.

Our main products:

You can watch video on Youtube about the core idea of our technology and open our presentation for more details.

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Using Arina we aim to provide consulting, advisory and investment services with the new quality, quantifying every step in pursue of higher business efficiency, unlocking new opportunities and increasing profits.