We provide online trainings for engineers and people from business about the best practices in software development.

Engineering of business processes

  1. Why engineering?
  2. Information and data
  3. Existing, availability, computability, feasibility
  4. Spaces, structures and processes
  5. LDS - logical data structure
  6. BPM - business process model
  7. Statistics
  8. Efficiency

Software architecture

  1. Why architecture?
  2. Infrastructure: from devices to clouds
  3. Data storages: files, noSQL, SQL
  4. UI: native, web, mobile
  5. API: binary, XML, JSON
  6. Business logic - where it should be processed?
  7. Business intelligence

Managing R&D projects

  1. Why research?
  2. Methodologies: from waterfall to extreme
  3. Planning: from strategic goals to everyday tasks
  4. What can we measure?
  5. Does the “silver bullet” exist?
  6. Why are people not resources?
  7. Money as self-balancing efficiency metric

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